Beauty Circle International is associated with Pardaco Trading Pte Ltd which has been in the skincare and cosmetic business since 1982. Just like Pardaco, we are committed to deliver high quality skincare, cosmetics and personal care products.

We have been in this business for the past 3 decades and know the exact requirements of our customers. We understand that cosmetics have become an essential part of our daily lives. That is why our main goal is to select quality products and distribute it at an affordable price.


Beauty Circle International has been in the town for 26 years and is providing superior quality at affordable prices. Our products are available for all skin types. When it comes to adding a glamorous touch to your life, Beauty Circle International has always been on top. The products are available in different countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA and Canada.​​​​​​














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We understand that having perfect skin is a blessing. But what if you don't? To fulfill all your dreams,

we created a Beauty Circle International for skin fabulous by following the right regimen.


Since the beauty industry is booming, there are numerous options available in the market.

But have you ever noticed the ingredients used? The beauty standards are changing day by day,

and staying in the race; it's necessary to select the right products.

Beauty Circle International celebrates diversity and individuality. No matter who you are and which gender you have, our products are a perfect choice for you. The products are created by experts and focus on enhancing natural beauty.



We supply cosmetic, skincare, haircare and body care products to Retailers,

Home-based Beauticians, Beauty Salons, Hair Salons, TCM Hall, and Aesthetic Clinics with equitable profit margins.

Our products are from Canada, USA, France, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland, and

are widely used for the past 26 years. To find out more, contact us at info@beautycircle.com.sg.