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Acne Cream
Developed to deal with acne, this cream consists of highly active cosmetic ingredients. It absorbs t..
Aloe Vera Two Way Gel
This ALOE VERA TWO WAY GEL is an outstanding product which contains the well-known soothing, antisep..
Anti Spot Lotion
A fast acting lotion that immediately reduces the excess oil that causes in acne breakouts. Speciall..
Balancing Toner UV
This BALANCING TONER UV is formulated specially for combination to oily skin. It smoothes away the r..
Purifying Cleansing Gel
This is a sebum regulating and calming gel. It purifies the skin and prevents the accumulation of di..
Purus Lotion
This PURUS LOTION gently removes stressful chlorine and calcium residues and improves the skin’s str..
Refining Solution
This Refining Solution is specially formulated with ingredients to combat acne, reduce the appearanc..