Oil-Free Shampoo
This Oil-Free Shampoo has been formulated to deep cleanse and purify your scalp to clear away oily b..
Purifying Cleansing Gel
This is a sebum regulating and calming gel. It purifies the skin and prevents the accumulation of di..
Purifying Foam Cleanser
This is a complete cleansing product enriched with a concoction of natural ingredients known for the..
Purus Lotion
This PURUS LOTION gently removes stressful chlorine and calcium residues and improves the skin’s str..
Refining Solution
This Refining Solution is specially formulated with ingredients to combat acne, reduce the appearanc..
Rich Olive Body Cleanser
This Rich Olive Body Cleanser goes beyond cleansing and conditioning your body. Enriched with Ext..
Snail Secrets Cream
This Snail Secrets Cream is a light green cream that smoothly penetrates the skin leaving it soft an..
Soft Shampoo
This soft shampoo is designed specially for the daily washing of the hair and suitable for those wit..
Sun Block SPF12 - Double Action
This high-protection SUN BLOCK SPF 12 cream is to be used daily to protect against the harmful effec..
Superior Hand & Foot Cream
Thanks to the present of abundant Essential oils, Seaweed Extract, Aloe Vera Gel and Vitamins, this ..
Tea Tree Oil Shampoo
This gentle Tea Tree oil Shampoo provides optimal hygiene for daily hair care, strengthening the nat..
Toner #2
This Toner, formulated with Apple Stem Cells and Phytohormones, is ideal for mature skin. It helps y..