About Us

Pardaco Trading Pte Ltd has been in the skincare and cosmetic business since 1982 in Singapore and this region. 

Starting merely as skincare distributors and cosmetic products distributors to hair and beauty salons, pharmacies, skin clinics and selected retailers, Pardaco became a major importer and distributor of fake watches high quality skincare and hair care products from fausse rolex France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, USA and Canada. The company continues to expand its range of quality products.

The company is managed by David Teo has been in cosmetics business for over 50 years and assisted by his wife, Alice Teo has total of over 30 years of experience working in beauty salons and running her own hair and beauty school. With their combined knowledge, they are able to specify overseas manufacturers relojes replicas specific formulations that aid skin properties and complexion of women ages, making women beautiful and beautiful women more beautiful.

The experience that fake watches Pardaco has gained over the past 30 years have resulted in the acquisition of the best skincare and haircare products from over 30 well established laboratories worldwide. 

Since 1995, Pardaco has assembled a range of quality products under its own ‘BEAUTY CIRCLE INTERNATIONAL’ label.